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Handmade unique leather gifts: journals, albums, paintings, ideas for birthday, graduation, holidays, wedding or anniversary. These genuine leather art items are one of a kind, so don' t miss it!

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Why Choose Me?

I make handmade unique leather gift products with care and love. I use only original genuine leather. The faux leather without flexibility can not be formatted beautifully :) After a long preliminary design, planning I try to find for each item the best leather, the matching supplements, the best colors, and I even repaint it if needed.

I don't own a high-tech factory and I don't use machines to produce my items, but my old tools which I inherited from my father.  However, I give them an inimitable, unique and artistic touch beside their high quality.

I will ship your parcel by FedEx priority wherever it's possible. The shipping time to US, Canada, Europe will take 2-4 business days, to Australia 4-6 days. 

From yearning to creation there is only one little step.

Anna Kis

About me

Anna Kis

store owner

I was born in Transylvania, and as a little girl I spent nearly all my time in my father's shoemaker's shop. Many times I saw my dad drawing stunning horses, shoe designs… I tought, „of course, he was grown-up” :) Now I know. He was talented.

I think, that was the time when the smell of leather and glue permeated in me. My grandmother's loom and sewing machine, her colorful linens and laces, my mother's knits all inspired me, they all liberated my imagination.

From yearning to creation there is only one little step.

For many years I played piano, but somehow I found myself painting. I walked a long way before I ended up at craft and leather painting. My form of self-expression somehow got created by compounding everything I ever tried, lived. It came to me deeply from my subconscious.

And of course, painting is impossible without music. At least a little quiet piano… When you translate your emotions into colours, the painting comes to life.

Everything is related with everything. Today I work in my own small business, and I do what I love the most :)